Indonesia’s car sales in 2022 reach over one million units

    JAKARTA, Jan 15 (Vietnam News/ANN): The Association of Indonesian Automotive Industry (Gaikindo) has announced that total car shipments from factories to dealers (wholesales) last year in the country reached 1,048,040 units, marking a year-on-year increase of 18.1%.

    The figure for 2021 was 887,202 units.

    In the retail sector (delivery from dealers to consumers), a total of 1,013,582 units were sold, 17.4% higher compared to the previous year of 863,348 units.

    However, the achievement of wholesale and retail in 2022 still falls behind the 2019 period that reached 1,030,126 and 1,042,994 units, respectively, according to Tempo, an Indonesia magazine.

    The head of Gaikindo, Jongkie Sugiarto said that the car sales in 2023 are hoped to perform well like last year’s as the country’s economic growth this year could be similar, at about 5%.

    Meanwhile, car production in Indonesia in 2022 reached 1,470,146 units. The number grew significantly by 31% from 2021 with only 1,121,967 units.

    Indonesia’s car exports also experienced growth in the form of Completely Built Up (CBU) and Completely Knocked Down (CKD) units.

    For CBU, total exports reached 473,602 units, 60.7% higher compared to 2021.

    CKD exports recorded 596,541 units, growing 5% compared to 2021.

    In 2022, the country saw an import of 83,298 units, 74.3% higher than that of 2021, with just 47,779 units. – Vietnam News/ANN

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