West Papua allocates Rp6 bln for Sail Teluk Cenderawasih

    Manokwari, West Papua (ANTARA) – The West Papua government has allocated Rp6 billion for Sail Teluk Cenderawasih (STC), which will be held in October 2023, with the budget proposal approved by the Regional Development Planning Agency (Bappeda).

    The provincial government has been coordinating with several districts in West Papua that are a part of the Cenderawasih Bay Area—Teluk Wondama, Manokwari, and South Manokwari—for organizing the event, acting head of the West Papua Culture and Tourism Office Ruland Sarwon informed here on Tuesday.

    “We have also communicated with the Biak Numfor district government, Papua, about this Sail Teluk Cenderawasih event,” he said.

    The coordination has been carried out so that each district government can allocate a budget for the STC agenda’s implementation.

    Sarwon said that the budget has been sourced from the 2023 West Papua regional budget (APBD) to make the tourism agenda a success.

    Meanwhile, the technical implementation of the Sail Teluk Cenderawasih will be fully carried out by the Biak Numfor administration, he informed.

    “Later, they (Biak Numfor district) will arrange technical matters. We will give support in terms of the budget,” he said.

    He further said he expected the agenda to encourage the development of the local economy and tourism sector in West Papua.

    Currently, the West Papua provincial government and Manokwari district government are working to promote Petrus Kafiar Amban Beach as a new tourist destination for wave surfing.

    “We hope that tourists’ visits can have an impact on tourism development in West Papua,” Sarwon said.

    Furthermore, STC 2023 is expected to be a policy instrument for driving the regional economy, encouraging regional connectivity, developing Papuan society and culture, strengthening Indonesia’s maritime sovereignty in eastern Indonesia, and strengthening Papua’s role as the gateway to Indonesia in the Pacific region.

    The STC agenda covers the development of community-based maritime tourism, historical tourism, and religious tourism, among others.

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