Governor preparing microtargeting strategy to tackle poverty, stunting

    Semarang, C Java (ANTARA) – Central Java Governor Ganjar Pranowo affirmed that his side is preparing a microtargeting strategy to overcome various problems of poverty and stunting whose prevalence and figures remain high in the province.

    “We follow up on President Joko Widodo’s directive by creating a program to tackle poverty and stunting with the microtargeting (strategy),” Pranowo stated here on Wednesday.

    He explained that the new strategy in dealing with poverty and stunting will involve village and sub-districts heads in all regions across Central Java.

    “That way, (information on the targeted population) can be in detail, such as who is poor, where are them, how many are there, and what kind of intervention (is needed). When the (intervention) is ready, the handling must be done collaboratively,” he remarked.

    At the “2023 National Coordination Meeting of Regional Heads and the Regional Leadership Communication Forum” in Sentul, West Java, on Tuesday (January 17), the president has emphasized the need for regions to reduce stunting cases and poverty rates.

    So far, Pranowo highlighted that the programs to reduce the poor population and stunted children prevalence had been running well in Central Java, but the COVID-19 pandemic has triggered an increase in poverty in some regions in the province.

    “We are on standby, (Insya Allah) God willing, starting this week, we will do a ‘roadshow’ (visit) to several regions and assign village heads to record data of (targeted population) in detail,” he explained.

    In addition, he urged sub-district heads to coordinate with the related parties and each district head will be responsible in their respective areas.

    The Central Java governor also highlighted the president’s message that investment must be facilitated, including the use of the regional budget and the state budget to provide stimulus for economic growth, help reduce unemployment, and alleviate poverty.

    “Hopefully, after the briefing, we will all be more solid and ready to face 2023 with more certainty, more measured with a clearer target,” he stated.

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