SKK Migas Aiming to Drill 57 Exploratory Wells in 2023

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta The Upstream Oil and Gas Special Regulatory Taskforce (SKK Migas) is aiming to drill 57 exploratory wells in 2023, which is a 90 percent increase compared to what it achieved in 2022. The task force is also eyeing a US$1.7 billion annual investment.

“In 2022 there will be 30 exploration wells and around 0.8 billion dollars in terms of spending, an increase of 33 percent compared to the previous year,” said SKK Migas Deputy for Exploration and development and management of the Work Area Benny Lubiantara in a press conference at the taskforces headquarters on January 18.

Exploratory wells that were drilled in 2022, Benny explained, are relatively starting to show growth compared to 2020 which recorded only 21 wells. He also hopes a significant increase will be achieved in the future and be able to reach the target of 57 exploration wells this year.

“Drilling exploratory wells is currently very important when we talk about the vision of the long-term plan (LTP),” he added.

In 2022, SKK Migas recorded an 81 percent drilling success ratio. From the drilling of 27 wells, 22 of them managed to discover oil and gas resources. Of these 22 wells, the total resource discovered was estimated at at least 579 MMBOE.


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