Government working with community to realize agrarian reform

    Jakarta (ANTARA) – Agrarian Affairs and Spatial Planning Deputy Minister Raja Juli Antoni stated that the government continues to encourage the implementation of agrarian reform by cooperating with all levels of society.

    “We work together. We carry out dialogues on what can be accelerated. If there are obstacles, we will see together where the obstacles are. Certainly, we will do what we can to realize agrarian reform,” the minister noted in a written statement here on Thursday.

    Antoni highlighted the government’s commitment to realizing agrarian reform. However, to realize it, leadership and efforts from various parties are deemed necessary.

    “Especially, we will continue to strive for structural, long-term changes. We will make a shorter, more efficient pattern. Maybe, there are many things we can solve,” the minister stated.

    In the implementation, several aspects can be driven through collaboration to realize prosperity of the community, he stated.

    To this end, he praised the Consortium for Agrarian Reform (KPA) for its active participation and initiative in pushing for the fulfillment of community needs through agrarian reform.

    “We must become part of the change, and one of the ways is like what the KPA has done, such as by actively participating,” he stated.

    Secretary General of KPA Dewi Sartika emphasized the crucial need of leadership in the implementation of agrarian reform.

    She assessed the need for honesty and effective cooperation of all leaders and relevant ministries and institutions.

    Sartika expressed optimism that agrarian reform would be realized for the benefit of the community. However, stronger cooperation in building synergy is needed to realize it, she affirmed.

    “We must stay optimistic. Cooperation and synergy are needed,” the KPA secretary general remarked.

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