Samsung Indonesia: Revocation of PPKM Gives a Fresh Air to Entrepreneurs

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – President Director of PT Samsung Electronics Indonesia Hong Yeun Seuk, said that the revocation of the Community Activity Restrictions or PPKM was a breath of fresh air for entrepreneurs in Indonesia. He also hoped that the entrepreneurs will get back on their feet after the Covid-19 pandemic.

“We are lucky and grateful that the Indonesian government has been able to control the pandemic well, along with providing support to entrepreneurs through permits and fiscal incentives to the business world so they can survive during the pandemic,” said Hong Yeun Seuk during a dialogue with the Minister of Finance at PT Samsung Electronics Indonesia in Cikarang, Bekasi Regency, West Java on Friday, January 27, 2023.

Hong Yeun Seuk said that the Covid-19 pandemic lasted for nearly three years and has brought a negative impact on world economic growth, this is due to the world supply chains being significantly hampered. “The condition was affected by the decline in production by the manufacturing industry,” said Hong Yeun Seuk.

However, he said, thanks to the hard work and support from the Indonesian government, especially in the Cikarang area, Samsung could still survive, even in an atmosphere of uncertainty during the pandemic.

Nevertheless, the pressure of global recession which is predicted to occur in 2023, according to him, would become a new challenge for entrepreneurs. The anticipated situation, said Hong Yeun Seuk, requires entrepreneurs to be able to optimize production costs. “Efficient production costs are very important and needed,” Yeun Seuk said.

At the end of the previous year, President Jokowi officially revoked PPKM on Friday, December 30, 2022. The policy was taken more quickly because previously the government said the results of the study would only be completed in the third week of January.

“Today, the government has decided to revoke PPKM,” said Jokowi in a press conference at the State Palace, Jakarta, Friday, December 30, 2022. “There are no more restrictions on community activities.”

Jokowi stated that the policy was implemented because the indicators have reached below WHO standards. In addition, all urban districts still applied for the status of level 1 PPKM. Jokowi further said that this policy was taken by the government after conducting studies and considerations for 10 months.


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