Social welfare improvement a priority in 2023: Minister Effendy

    Jakarta (ANTARA) – Coordinating Minister for Human Development and Cultural Affairs Muhadjir Effendy said that social welfare improvement acceleration would be one of the ministry’s priority programmes in 2023.

    “Social welfare improvement acceleration will be one of the ministry’s focus programmes this year,” Effendy said in a statement here on Sunday.

    Several strategies will be sought to expedite welfare improvement this year, with the first three strategies are addressing extreme poverty issues, expediting stunting prevalence reduction cases, and revitalising education and vocational training.

    “The government is currently seeking to enhance vocational education through revitalisation, as mandated by Presidential Regulation No.68 of 2022 on Revitalisation of Vocational Education and Vocational Training,” the coordinating minister noted.

    He said vocational education and training would be essential to support the development of Indonesia’s human resources.

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    Meanwhile, he affirmed that the government would also take measures to utilise all opportunities made available by Indonesia’s demographic bonus momentum.

    “With the demographic bonus, Indonesia’s workforce would increase. If the demographic bonus is utilised well, it will positively impact the people’s economy and welfare and is expected to enhance efforts to eradicate extreme poverty,” Effendy said.

    The government has also decided to move forward the zero-per cent extreme poverty eradication target from 2030 –as targeted in 2030 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)– to 2024, as the earlier target for 2024 is the reduction to four per cent, the coordinating minister disclosed.

    He appealed to all stakeholders to work harder to ensure the extreme poverty eradication target can be realised according to the new target year.

    “We understand that eradicating extreme poverty is a huge challenge, hence, cohesiveness and synergy of programmes and ministerial and institutional cooperation are expected to multiply our might to realise the target,” Effendy stated.

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