PT KAI’s panoramic train to return in February (but no Yogyakarta route yet)

    In February, we can once again take in the lush scenery of the countryside as we cross the island of Java via the railway with the official launch of PT Kereta Api Indonesia’s (PT KAI) panoramic train.

    The national railway operator trialed the panoramic train — the first of its kind in Indonesia — between Jakarta and Yogyakarta in December 2022 to much hype and fanfare. During its 12-day trial run, PT KAI said the train serviced 1,613 passengers, at an average occupancy rate of 85 percent per day.

    Exterior view of PT KAI’s panoramic train. Photo: PT KAI

    Due to popular demand, PT KAI today announced that the panoramic train will launch in earnest in the last week of February. To start off, however, the train will only service the Jakarta Gambir-Bandung and Bandung-Surabaya Gubeng routes. More routes may be announced soon.

    It must be noted that the service will not comprise an entire chain of carriages offering panoramic views. Instead, a panoramic carriage with a 38-seat capacity will be attached to existing train services, namely Argo Parahyangan for the Jakarta Gambir-Bandung route, and Argo Wilis for the Bandung-Surabaya Gubeng route.

    A seat in the panoramic carriage will set you back IDR350K for Argo Parahyangan and IDR1.12 million for Argo Wilis.

    You can book your tickets via PT KAI’s official website or app, as well as via authorized travel agents.

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