Villages should possess data management, utilization capabilities: BPS

    Jakarta (ANTARA) – Head of Statistics Indonesia (BPS) Margo Yuwono accentuated the need for villages to have capabilities in data management and utilization in order to fulfil all their needs.

    To this end, the BPS is striving to provide data training to village governments.

    “I imagine that if villages have capabilities in the field of statistics, including keeping data up-to-date and utilizing existing data in villages, all villages’ needs will be able to be met,” he stated at the launch of the 2023 BPS Bureaucratic Reform and 2020 Population Census Long Form Results here on Monday.

    In 2022, the BPS provided statistics mentoring to 2,626 villages across Indonesia, with the aim of honing the capabilities of villages in the field of statistics.

    At Monday’s event, he recounted his visit to Tamansuruh Village in Banyuwangi, East Java, which was named the Best National Statistics Loving Village in 2021.

    Tamansuruh Village clinched the award, as it already holds data of all its residents.

    Moreover, it has a program of giving ID cards to residents, who turn 17, as a birthday gift, Yuwono stated.

    “The village head (of Tamansuruh) said: ‘Mr. Yuwono, I visit every resident, who turns 17, to give the ID card,'” he remarked.

    He assessed that this small effort could be made, as all services in the village could be carried out easily due to data availability.

    Apart from providing statistics mentoring, the BPS also established 82 Statistics Corners in universities spread across 34 provinces in 2022. This effort is made to improve statistical literacy and data utilization at every university.

    “These two pillars serve as support for accelerating the realization of the Regsosek (socioeconomic registration) digital platform that will be ready to be shared and used,” the BPS head stated. 

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