Floods, Landslides in Manado Damage Hundreds of Houses: BNPB

TEMPO.CO, JakartaThe National Disaster Mitigation Agency (BNPB) reported that floods and landslides that struck Manado, North Sulawesi, on January 27, caused damage to hundreds of residents’ houses.

BNPB Acting Head of the Data, Information, and Communication Center for Disaster Abdul Muhari stated that hundreds of houses were damaged by the floods at different levels.

Floods afflicted serious damage to 420 residents’ houses, moderate damage to 103 others, and minor damage to 448 houses.

“The floods also damaged public facilities, one unit each, including markets, residents’ cemeteries, churches, mosques, urban village offices, and horse races,” he noted in a written statement received here Monday.

Landslides in that area also heavily damaged 33 houses, moderately damaged 59 houses, and lightly damaged 47 houses. It also cut access between Adiura-Pandu road and damaged one mosque, he noted.

After the floods and landslides in Manado City, the BNPB provided ready-to-use funds for emergency response operations of Rp500 million and logistical assistance worth of Rp250 million.

Logistical assistance for victims comprised two thousand sheets of blankets, one thousand sheets of tarpaulin, 25 sheets of 3×4 meter tents, and 25 sheets of 4×4 tents.

The North Sulawesi Provincial Government had also received Rp700 million in ready-to-use funds and logistics assistance worth of Rp300 million. The logistical assistance was in the form of three thousand blankets, three thousand mattresses, 50 sheets of 3×4 tents, and 50 sheets of 4×4 tents.

An early weather warning for Monday and Tuesday identifies that the region would still have the potential for heavy rain that could be accompanied by lightning and strong winds. In Manado City, some areas are still being monitored for potential light rain.

“BNPB urges local governments and residents to always be on standby in anticipating and dealing with potential wet hydrometeorological disasters, such as floods, flash floods, landslides, and strong winds,” he stated.


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