Intensify information dissemination on disaster mitigation: Ministry

    Jakarta (ANTARA) – The Coordinating Ministry for Human Development and Culture stated that the dissemination of information regarding disaster mitigation should be continuously strengthened to improve the community’s awareness and understanding.

    “The Coordinating Ministry for Human Development and Culture encourages the strengthening of dissemination of information on disaster mitigation through various platforms,” the ministry’s Assistant Deputy for Disaster Mitigation and Social Conflicts, Andre Notohamijoyo, stated when contacted on Tuesday.

    According to Notohamijoyo, one of the forms of disseminating information on disaster mitigation that is currently being intensified is via radio networks.

    “Dissemination through radio networks makes it very easy to reach people across the country. The development of social media has also encouraged a much more intensive interaction between radio and listeners,” he pointed out.

    Notohamijoyo stated that information regarding disaster mitigation should be disseminated to strengthen education for the community.

    “The community must continue to be reminded about the need for mitigation efforts, considering that the active role of the community is highly needed to optimize disaster risk reduction efforts,” he remarked.

    He also highlighted the need to provide actual information on climate and weather as well as educate members of the community to understand warnings, so that they can take the necessary measures.

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    He stated that the dissemination of information on disaster mitigation also aims to boost people’s alertness, so that they will be more prepared to take necessary steps when a disaster strikes.

    For instance, people can evacuate themselves to the nearest safe locations, secure documents and valuables, and immediately evacuate vulnerable people, such as the elderly, children, and persons with disabilities around them.

    “The community also needs to be reminded regarding the importance of preparing first aid, logistics such as blankets, medicine, vitamins, and flashlights for lighting,” he remarked.

    He noted that disaster mitigation is one of the ministry’s priorities in 2023 to minimize the impacts of disasters.

    “Disaster mitigation, especially wet and dry hydrometeorological disasters, is a priority in 2023,” he affirmed.

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