Indonesian Man Runs Away From Home To Avoid Circumcision, Returns After 25 Years

    Indonesian Man Returns Home After Running Away To Avoid Circumcision

    Some folks only know too well the pain that comes with circumcision.

    Aside from the process itself, the recovery period is not enjoyable either, to say the least.

    Recommended by health professionals, some cultures and religions make it compulsory for males to undergo the procedure.

    However, this apparently scared one teen boy so much that he ran away from home, only to return years later as a full-grown man.

    Reunites with mother after running away from home 25 years ago

    The video of his emotional return was first shared on the Instagram page, garnering close to 19,000 likes in a day.

    In the short clip, the man is welcomed home by his family and the area’s residents.

    As he walks down an alley in the town, a woman on the other end breaks down in tears and faints upon seeing him.

    indonesian man circumcision

    The post explains that the woman is the man’s mother who, after regaining her composure, rushes to hug her long-lost son.

    indonesian man circumcision

    Indonesian man’s sister says he ran away from circumcision in 1998

    According to the caption on the post, the 38-year-old man had finally returned home to Klaten, Indonesia after 25 years.

    Joko Prayitno, an officer from the district’s social welfare coordination team, explained that they were able to locate the man in another town called Bantul through the help of a local YouTuber.

    Mr Joko added that the family had been on the lookout for decades but failed to find any clues to the man’s whereabouts.

    He also shared that the man’s mental condition may not be “at 100%” and that he had suffered tremendous trauma.

    Fortunately, the man returned in good health even though he reportedly lived as a homeless person in Bantul.

    At the site of their reunion, the man’s older sister revealed that he ran away to avoid getting circumcised in 1998.

    The night before he left, she recalled that he was bravely bracing himself for the procedure. However, when morning came, he took off.

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    Featured image adapted from on Instagram.

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