BPS Record Extreme Poverty Rate Rising in Jakarta, Reaching 95,668 People

    TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – Head of the General Affairs Division of the Jakarta Central Statistics Agency (BPS), Suryana, said that he was discussing efforts to reduce extreme poverty in the capital city, as the rate was reported at 95,668 people or 0.89 percent in March 2022.

    The extreme poverty rate in Jakarta has increased from 0.6 percent recorded in March 2021.

    “The directives from the Acting Governor were to trace who and where. Verify the data and carry out the best method of intervention, what must be done so that extreme poverty in Jakarta can be eradicated,” Suryana said at City Hall on Monday, January 30, 2023.

    Suryana said that the national socio-economic survey in March and September still found a list of households that were identified as extremely poor.

    “A person that is categorized as extremely poor based on their per capita expenditure per day is below Rp 11,633 or accumulated household spending is below Rp 350,000 per capita per month,” said Suryana.

    Suryana stated that the number was calculated from the ability of each person to meet their basic needs. The reason the poverty line has decreased is due to the purchasing power of the people is still very high. 

    For poverty in Jakarta, it was recorded that it had dropped from 4.72 percent in March 2021 to 4.69 percent in March 2022.

    “Even though the poverty line has increased, due to the purchasing power of the people has also surpassed the increase in the poverty line, the poverty position in March 2022 in Jakarta decreased,” said the Head of the General Section of the Jakarta BPS.


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