PKS Supports Anies Baswedan, Volunteers Request Joint Secretariat to be Established Immediately

    TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – A team of volunteers for Anies Baswedan who are also a member of the Indonesian Collaborative Secretariat (SKI), requested that the Joint Secretariat (sekber) between Nasdem- PKS – Democrats to be established immediately. This was followed by PKS officially voicing support for Anies.

    According to the SKI, the establishment of the Joint Secretariat is meant as a form of inaugurating the cooperative bond within the coalition and becomes the Joint Secretariat for the consolidation of political parties and pro-change communities.

    “The decision by PKS, the Nasdem Party and the Democrat Party to nominate Anies Baswedan is an answer to the prayers and aspiration of the people who demand change and to turn the lives of the community to become better,” said the Secretary General of SKI, General Raharja Waluya Jati in a statement, Tuesday, January 31, 2023.

    Jati stated that the official support from NasDem, PKS, and Democrats for Anies Baswedan had strengthened the support of the people who wanted change to occur. In addition, Jati said that the support from the three political parties also ensured the adequacy of the formal requirements for Anies Baswedan’s candidacy.

    Jati mentioned that there is also a huge amount of work that had to be done immediately by Anies coalition and volunteers after the official provider of the support.

    “We need to convince the wider public about the need to take advantage of the democratic election in 2024 as a momentum to make changes towards Indonesia to become a righteous, prosperous, and socially just nation,” said Jati.

    PKS Officially Supports Anies Baswedan

    On Monday, the Coordinator of the Coalition group for change from PKS, Sohibul Iman, conveyed a message from the head of the PKS Shura Council, Salim Segaf, while he was on a visit to Istanbul, Turkey. He claimed that Salim had two messages to answer questions in the public’s mind about Anies Baswedan’s candidacy and the certainty of joining the Coalition for Change.

    Salim, he said, emphasized that PKS would consistently be part of the coalition of parties that support Anes Baswedan in the 2024 presidential election. Thus, he continued, the coalition that would be named the (Coalition of Change), would meet the presidential threshold of 20 percent.

    Furthermore, Sohibul said that the PKS would express support for Anies as a presidential candidate explicitly at the Shura Council Board meeting, which was held concurrently with the PKS National Work Meeting on February 24, 2023.

    “PKS will provide explicit organizational support to Anies as a presidential election candidate for 2024-2029 at the PKS Shura Council meeting, which coincides with the National Work Meeting of the PKS Central board (DPP) on February 24, 2023,” said Sohibul at the Soekarno Hatta Airport area, Monday, January 30, 2023.

    Nevertheless, he stated that the opportunity for an acceleration of Anies’ declaration is still open. Mainly, he continued, after Salim and PKS President, Ahmad Syaikhu have completed their Umrah pilgrimage.

    “Regardless, it cannot be ruled out that there is an acceleration according to the dynamics that are developing. Especially after President Syaikhu and Habib Salim returned to Indonesia,” he said.


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